5 W-50 LIQUIMOLY(リキモリ)

Molygen 5 W-50 LIQUIMOLY


MOLYGEN 5W-50 ― モリゲン 5W-50

リキモリ 5W-50 LIQUIMOLY

ACEA規格 A3/B3
内容量:1L(品番 2542)/ 4L(品番 2543)
推奨:MB:229.1, VW:502.00 , 505.00

リキモリ 5W-50
Molygen 5 W-50 LIQUIMOLY
Liqui Moly Molygen SAE 5W-50 is a specially developed high-performance, low-friction engine oil for year-round use. The combination of synthetic base oils and advanced additive technology as well as the special Molygen additive ensures that the engine oil is of low viscosity and has a high
shear stability and reliably prevents the formation of deposits, significantly reducing frictional losses in the engine and providing the optimum protection from wear. This results in savings in fuel and an extended service life for the engine.